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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find floor plans for your homes? 2018-05-29T10:29:43+00:00

Click View Homes at the top of any page to see available floor plans, pictures and home information about the models we offer.

Can your homes be placed on a basement? 2018-05-11T08:33:38+00:00

With proper home site preparation and specific foundation requirements, many of our homes can be placed atop a basement. Contact one of our consultants to learn more about our homes that can be placed on basement foundations.

Can I make changes or additions to the floor plan I choose? 2018-05-11T08:30:08+00:00

Many of our homes can be altered and upgraded to create your ideal dream home. Some homes have more options available for upgrades or additions than others.  With countless floor plans from which to choose, we’re sure we can help you find the perfect floor plan to fit your budget and lifestyle. Let us know which floor plan you’re interested in, and we’ll let you know what options are available.

How long does it take to get in a new home? 2018-05-11T08:26:18+00:00

Our home builders complete homes efficiently and in a timely manner once your home order is placed, but there are other factors that could affect how long it takes. The building timeline can be affected by the type of house you are buying as larger homes will take longer to build than smaller homes, the volume of home orders the building facility has received, home inspections, land preparation and more. A consultant can give you more information on how long it will take to get into your new home after your home order is placed.

How much do your homes cost? 2018-05-11T08:20:32+00:00

Our home prices vary based on home type, square footage and features. The home site and site improvements can affect the total package price. Contact us to ask a home consultant about pricing and see what homes are available within your budget.

Are new homes built as good as older homes? 2018-04-30T16:32:36+00:00

Data from the National Association of Home Builders suggests that one of the benefits of choosing new home construction is the focus on energy efficiency. Many advances in materials like windows, heating and cooling equipment, insulation, and sealing techniques mean that new homes consume about half as much energy as homes built prior to 1980. In addition to your family’s comfort, this translates into energy savings for you and environmental sustainability.

Does my new home come with a warranty? 2018-05-11T10:11:33+00:00

Yes, we provide a Warranty on all our new homes. This plan provides you with limited, 1-year warranty coverage on your new home. At closing, you will be provided with a warranty book that will explain in detail the coverage offered on each component of your new home.